Transition is the literary contest and journal in English of Far Eastern University.  It was first conceived in 1953 by Dr. Alejandro R. Roces (2003 National Artist for Literature), who was then Dean of the Institute of Arts and Sciences, as a venue for budding student writers on campus. Many of these writers went on to garner University and national awards notably the Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. They also saw their works in print in prestigious national magazines and journals. The first issue came out in 1955 with Azucena Grajo-Uranza as editor-in chief. Two more volumes followed the next couple of years, after which, publication of the annual ceased.

Then in 1990, through the encouragement of Pres. Felixberto Sta. Maria and the support of Dr. Lourdes R. Montinola, chair of the Board of Trustees, the President’s Committee on Culture (PCC) decided to revive Transition after an absence of 33 years. The following year Transition 4 was issued. Its cover featured the phoenix – the mythical bird that consumes itself in flames and then rises again from its own ashes. The book covers of Transition from 3 to 8 were drawn in the pointillist style by Jesus Q. Cruz.

In 1992, Transition 5 presented, along with the works of student writers, the contributions of our four National Artists for Literature, Jose Garcia Villa, Nick Joaquin, Francisco Arcellana and Alejandro Roces, as well as those of other notable authors including Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero, Virginia Moreno, Hilario Francia, Jr., Emmanuel Torres, Tita Lacambra-Ayala and Azucena Grajo-Uranza. The cover depicts the winged horse, Pegasus.

In 1993, Transition 6 featured the winning entries in the annual Transition Literary Contest in English along with special contributions from alumni like Isabelo Crisostomo, Alfredo Cuenca, Rolando Carbonell and Alberto Florentino. The cover features the Sarimanok, the same symbol that appears in FEU’s logo.

Line drawings by some of the country’s finest artists – Lee Aguinaldo, Danny Dalena, Lito Carating and Alfredo Roces grace the pages of these issues.

Critics consider Transition to be one of the best school publications in the country.

In 1994, Transition 7 highlighted the works of the literary contest winners, Edwin M. Cordevilla, Joselito V. De Jesus, Liberace G. Casilan, Warina Sushil A. Jukuy, Carlito M. Canonizado, Alvin S. Trinidad, Ma. Gracia E. Bretiller, Michael T. Manjares, Ma. Cristina S. Contreras, Venus D. Reñeda, Dennis C. Bernal, April Rose C. Ochinang, Carolina B. Bachini, Racquel T. Rapirap, Asuncion T. Rapirap, Ella Madrigal a.k.a. Ella N. Lineses, Sherwin de Peralta. It included the works of some faculty members, Shirley Lua, John A. Jerusalem, Merceditas R. Baritugo and Alumni, Adolfo R. De Leon, Wilfredo Pascua Sanchez.

The guest writers for this issue were, Nick Joaquin, Francisco Arcellana, Jose Garcia Villa, Jose Dalisay, Alfred Yuson, Gemino Abad, Ricardo M. De Ungria, David Cortez Z. Medalla, Alfredo R. Roces, Rodrigo D. Perez III, Rustica C. Carpio, Edinburgh P. Tumuran, Desiree Abante, and Felixberto C. Sta Maria, poet, painter and erstwhile president of FEU.

Line-art drawings of  Dom Briones, founder of Grupong Morayta, Giovanni C. Dela Rosa, Herzon C. Dela Rosa, Ibarra Y. Dela Rosa, Galo Ocampo, Hilario Francia, and the pointillist drawings of Jess Q. Cruz graced the pages of the book. The cover features a mythical dragon.

Book design and layout were done by Carmelo Juinio.

Transition 6 and 7 were dedicated to the memory of Dr. Nicanor Reyes, Sr., Founder and first President of FEU whose vision of the University included its being a well-spring of literary talents.

In 1996, Transition 8 features budding fictionists, poets and playwrights like Edwin M. Cordevilla, Joselito V. De Jesus, Liberace Casilan, Florence Claveria, Carmelo Juinio, Warina Sushil A. Jukuy, Merceditas R. Baritugo, Alvin S. Trinidad, Glenn Opiniano and Edinburgh Tumuran; and their verteran-writer counterparts F. Sionil Jose, Cirilo F. Bautista, Alfred Yuson, A.Z. Jolicco Cuardra, Virginia R. Moreno, Gregorio C. Brillantes, Hilario S. Francia, Sarah K. Joaquin and Odette Alcantara.

Line drawings by Shakira Masood, Malang Ang Kiukok, Bencab, Dom Briones, Marcial Pontillas, A.Z. Jolicco Cuardra, Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, and pointillist drawings by Jesus Q. Cruz graced the pages. The cover is a tamaraw.

Transition 9 almost did not see print in 1998 due to a series of strokes suffered by Jesus Q. Cruz, the primemover of Transition. The job fell in the hands of Prof. Cruz’ protégé, Marjueve M. Palencia, who was then a co-member in the President’s Committee and Culture.

The book featured the winning entries in the annual Literary Contest in English of Venancio M. Lavarias, Ritchelle M. Rivera, Ma. Erika G. Liongson, Ruth S. Enriquez, Ailenette G. Cariaga, Ariel R. Valeza, Mark Anthony Razon, Merceditas R. Baritugo, Alvin s. Trinidad, Ernesto Thaddeus M. Solmerano, Asuncion T. Licudan, April Rose Ochinang, Edwin M. Cordevilla,

The cover and inside illustrations were drawn in the pointillist tradition of the Transition by Herbert Delos Reyes, a student of Prof. Cruz. The cover features a mythical mermaid.

Transition 10 came out of the press in 2003 after a haitus of 5 years due to pecuniary constraints. Administrators then did not see it as an important ingredient in academic life of the university. But through the initiatives of Associate Dean Zenaida M. Martinez, Transition, like a phoenix, rose from its ashes, for the second time. It showcased literary contest winners Venencio M. Lavarias, Edwin M. Cordevilla, Miel Kristian B. Ondevilla, Kristian Abe L. Dalao, Ernesto Jude Thaddeus M. Solmerano, Ariel Valeza, Juanito D. Del Rosario, Ma. Lisa D. Jose, Asunsion T. Licudan, Clarita V. Alba, Richard Allen V. Racaza, Ryan Patrick Reyes, Donmar Acol, Ferdinand Decena, April Rose C. Ochinang; and faculty member Merceditas R. Baritugo.

Transition 10 was lucky to secure the manuscripts of the works of  National Artist NVM Gonzales, Hilario S. Francia, Rolando S. Tinio and Emmanuel Lacaba, before their demise. Other guest writers were Shirley O. Lua, Felixberto Sta. Maria, Paul Stephen Lim, and Dominador Ilio.

Drawings by Rosario L. Bitanga, Raymond C. Go, Juvenal Sanso, Hermes Alegre, Antonio Doctor Garcia; and paintings by Rafael ‘Popoy’ Cusi, Virgilio Aviado, Joel Quiñones graced the pages. The cover and some illustrations were drawn by Dennis Rivera. Other illustrations were provided by Marjueve M. Palencia. The cover is a minotaur and a nymph. ©

Reference: Art and Culture at Far Eastern University

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10 Responses to “History”

  1. Assalamu alaykum, Prof Jess.
    Wordpress is a portal to touch base with you and other colleagues again. Where can we get a copy of Transitions books?
    I wish to invite you to SEACEM network. May I have your email add, pls?

    Best regards,

  2. Good morning madam,

    All Transition books are out of print, and Sir Jess passed away three years ago. This is Prof Marj Palencia, his close friend and protege at Far Eastern University. We are endeavoring to publish all his works, at least electronically for the benefit of humankind. I am personally glad that you’ve come accross this site and dropped a comment. I would presume Sir Jess would be glad. It will be his death anniversary this June 3rd.

    Prof. Marj

  3. hi. I’ve been reading a lot about Sir Jess lately..
    and from these, how i wished he had been a part of my college existence. but with this endeavor, i know you’re giving us the opportunity to sit on his class, and maybe for his lucky jedi knights, have a cup of tea with him once again. so thank you.

    but what about reprinting more copies?
    if it isn’t a too big of a demand..
    thanks again for even reading this.

  4. The Jedi knights are still trying to figure out how to overcome the dark side of the force. Those philistines. Oh, how Sir Jess hated them! The Jedi master migrated too soon to the Great Perhaps leaving a lot of work undone, not to mention Transition and his collection of art criticisms previosly published in the Philippine Star and other dailies.

    You know how philistines are. They suck money out of somebody else’s genius. The knights have to deal with copyright issues, money claims and other mundane concerns before people will get to read the works of a great man. Thanks to technology. At least some will have a glimpse of the man and his works. They are making some of his works available here.

    When the Jedi knights get to reach your universe, they would want to have a cup of tea with you, too. They wish.

  5. ah those anti-intellectuals. it is evil, what they do but we do know Sir Jess would be most proud if his writings reach to the universe for them to have a drink of. nonetheless, it is one hell of a fight so kudos for merely trying, and i’d be praying for you people.

    I am looking forward for more cups of tea from you Sir Palencia and also from the others. I can no longer stand it here in the purgatory..

    I’ll say it again, thanks.

  6. I do agree that we should be able to access all Transition books electronically. I too was a student of Sir Jess and I still miss him to this day for his expertise in his field and dedication to his craft.

  7. Congratulations FEU Lit. Dept. in coming up with this innovation and congratulations as well Sir Marj for being on top of maintaining the site. I am hoping that you can publish FEU lit. works online.

  8. hi.
    may i know where or how i could contact mr. carmelo juinio?

  9. Hello!

    This is Edinburgh P. Tumuran. Nice to see this site!

    More power!

  10. Hi there!

    Edingburg Tumuran of Pol. Scie. is that you? I think you are one of my classmates. I appreciate your response when you have the chance.

    My condolences for the family and friends of Sir Jess.

    Have a nice day,

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