A Tribute to Sir Jess


(Editor’s Note: Delivered by the author at the Necrological Service, FEU University Chapel, 8 June 2005)

Today, I mourn the passing of a very special person.

Jess Cruz, to me a most admired and respected professor/mentor, was probably one of the people who shaped my life and helped me become what I am today. Therefore, I can’t help but feel diminished by his death.

But even as I share the grief of his relatives and friends and of those who knew him and respect him as I do. I also celebrate his life. He was my English professor at the Far Eastern University from whom I learned so much.

A class under Jess Cruz was never boring. They were, for the most part, something to look forward to. In his gentle way, he used his talent and skill that allowed us his students to see more, feel more, even think more.

He was great teacher, who led me through a path to a wondrous literary journey; a journey that led to volumes of short stories, novels, poems, and plays read through the years. Much of what I’ve learned about writing. I owe him.

I know I will never forget Jess Cruz. Sadly however, I never had the chance to say “thank you” and to tell him how much I truly appreciate being one of his students.

Today, I can only share this fond memory of a great mentor, as I thank the Lord that he touched my life. ©


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